Line is a strong component in jewellery design, interpreted by artists in a multitude of techniques and materials. This aim of this exhibition is to illustrate some of the various approaches explored by contemporary artists:

Sarah Elizabeth Jones's inspiration comes from her fascination with the lines created by the organic, the free flowing and often uncontrollable forms of nature. Focusing on an investigation and experimentation with wood veneer, she uses long thin strips of veneer to build up layers, producing jewellery that sculpts and surrounds the body to change its silhouette.

Christine Kaltoft’s original sketches of her pet hens and wild birds inspire her ‘Sketches’ jewellery collection, the lines creating a sense of energy and a sense of movement. The resulting work is realized in gold and silver wire, sometimes in conjunction with softened triangular shapes in wood.

Biba Schutz continually investigates the relationship of space and its shadows, using copper, oxidized silver and bronze wire to give warmth and depth to her sculptural and organic forms. Her jewellery is rich in positive and negative space.

Janice Zethraeus creates jewellery inspired by the natural world with a graphic interpretation, resulting in designs that are structured and feature an element of fluid line. Her one-off silver and gold wire pieces allude to holes and indentations, enticing and encouraging touch and interaction.
Janice Zethraeus
Sarah Elizabeth Jones
Christine Kaltoft
Biba Schutz